Western Wetland Conference
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2005 Western Wetland Conference:
Working Together to Manage, Protect and Restore the Wetlands in the Western U.S.

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October 24-26, 2005


Opening Keynote


The Honorable Justice Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr Water in the West
Wetlands in the West: Commonalities, Differences, and Challenges
Christie, Jeanne Gathering and Using Information
Reetz, Gene Strategies for Wetlands Protection
Patten, Duncan Water and Wetlands in the West
Education and Outreach
Ellis, Janet Two Montana Projects Where Information Research Can Lead to On-The-Ground Wetland Protection

Kutschenreuter, Kathleen

Dwight Shellman

Exploring the Untapped Potential of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

Caddo Lake's Community-Based Ramsar Achievements

Tidwell, J.E. North Central Texas and the Stream Team
Information: Assessments
Johnson, Brad Hydrogeomorphic Wetland Profiling: A Tool for Level I Landscape and Cumulative Impacts Analyses
Axt, Josephine What Works Out East Makes Sense in The West
Rocchio, Joe Floristic Bioassessment Tools and Ecological Integrity Scorecards
Land and Water: Ground Water, Irrigation, Other Factors
Kendy, Eloise Impacts of Irrigation Conversion on Groundwater, Streamflow and Wetlands
Merigliano, Michael Balancing In-stream Flow for Fish and an Historic Diversion Supporting Riparian Vegetation
Tiedemann, Robert The Ecological Effects of Climate Change on the Vegetated Floodplains of Western Rivers and the Human Response to a Changed Environment
Strategies: Innovations and Special Topics
Fetter, Rob Integrating Performance and Budget: An Innovative Approach to Wetland Conservation
Wakeley, James Regionalizing the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual for the Western States
Baker, Jeannette Watershed-Based Regulatory Approaches Towards Aquatic Resources Protection in Southern California
Information: Assessment/Classification
Keate, Nancy Building a Reference Site Network
Adamus, Paul Assessing Western Wetlands: An Overview of Rapid Methods and Reference Data Networks
Apfelbeck, Randy Working Collaboratively in Montana to Develop and Implement Wetland Rapid Assessment Protocols to Assess Wetland Condition
Land and Water: Hydraulic Alteration
Woods, Scott Hydrologic Interactions Between an Alluvial Fan and a Slope Wetland in the Central Rocky Mountains
Patten, Duncan "Effluent" A "New" Water Source: Asset or Problem
Sanderson, John Current Altered Hydrology and Simulated Historic Hydrology of an Intermountain Playa
Strategies: Landowner Forum

Private Landowners/Partners:

Russell Davis, Scott Miller, Craig Utter, Dave Whitney

Wetland Protection: Landowner’s Perspective
Information: Tracking and Reporting
Cariveau, Alison Banks Riparian Conservation Project Monitoring in Colorado
Schmitz, Denine The Development of a Monitoring Protocol for Springs in Bighorn Canyon, WY
Curly, Tom Strategies For Protection of the Doe-Kag-Wats ("Place of the Deer") Wetland on the Port Madison Indian Reservation
Land and Water: Working in Landscapes
Smith, Russell Successful Approaches to Compensatory Mitigation Utilizing Public/Private Partnerships: Challenges, Approaches and Expectations for Success
Michel, Paul Lessons Learned: Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project
LaGrange, Ted Wetland Conservation on the Great Plains: Recommendations for Strengthening Partnerships
Strategies: Incentives and Cooperation
Berens, Chris Playa Lake Conservation Programs
McGraw, Maryann New Mexico Wetlands and Riparian Corridors - From Plan to Action
Smith, Richard Oklahoma Stream Team: Developing an Urban Stream Protection Program
Information: Tracking and Reporting
Carello, Christy Conservation Monitoring, Protection and Recreational Use of a Fen Wetland
Aloia, Cary Characterization and Ecological Monitoring of Colorado Wetlands Program Projects
Haynie, Lacrecia Survey and Assessment of Playas in Eastern Colorado
Land and Water: Birds and Wildlife
Skagen, Susan En Route Shorebird Populations in Extensive Wetland Landscapes
Noson, Anna Bird Communities as Indicators of Grazing Impacts in Riparian Areas of Southwestern Montana
Morrill Hoven, Heidi Developing a Wildlife Functional Assessment Tool as a Supplement to a Slope Depressional Wetland Functional Assessment Method Used in the Salt Lake County Shorelands SAMP
Strategies: Partnerships
Wetter, Les Wetland Policy Development in Alberta
Goosman, Bill CDOT-CDOW Wetland Partnership -Wetland and Riparian Protection in an Urbanizing Corridor
Christian, Tim Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams - A Partnership That Works
Information: Landscape and Mapping
Chung, Jae Landscape Level Functional Assessment of Riparian Ecosystem Integrety: Assessment and Restoration in Southern California Watersheds
Sullivan, Brian Playas: Addressing Information Gaps to Improve Conservation
Sumner, Richard National Implementation of a Three-Tier Framework for Assessing Wetland Condition
Land and Water: Applied Topics under Change
McCurdy, Jennifer Chatfield Wetlands: A Case Study in Cooperative Efforts
Chimner, Rodney Using the Carbon Cycle to Study Mountain Fen Management and Sustainability
Steel, Emily The Colorado Wetlands Monitoring and Evaluation Project: A Statewide Approach to Tracking Restored and Enhanced Wetlands

Panel and Participant Discussion


Merritt, Dave and Saul, Lynda Linking Science to Management

Closing Keynote


Dr. Thomas Fleschner
The Greatest Alchemy: Wetlands and the Arid West